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August 06, 2009


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I stopped for the bug, but I love this post, what a wonderful friendship you've nurtured.


What fantastic friends we make when we open ourselves! I'm glad you have such blessings in your life. The photo of that bug is absolutely magical!
Your friend's eyes tell it all. Kindred spirits, right :)


who would have thosught a big could be so beautiful! You do have an incredible eye for beauty in everything.

John Maslowski

Wonderful photograph of Diane. Enjoyed reading your narrative about your visit to California. Don't believe there is a photoblogger who has not visited or been inspired by Diane's photographs or web site. Glad to hear you had such an enjoyable time, Robin. Finally, we get to see and meet the person behind the lens or should I say images.


Cool, I too met with Diane in January. I had a great time photographing the locality and Diane was great company.


Thank you for introducing us to Diane. I will have to pay her a visit! You have such a gift for telling stories, sharing life. After this visit to your blog, I can almost feel what it was like for you to be there with an old friend/new friend, kindred spirit, compadre. A lovely post with the photos to match.


Just beautiful photographs!


Such a cool shot! I love her expression, that of a hunter looking for her next shot!


Diane's photography is beautiful, as is your own, Robin. I've had her marked as a favorite on VFXY for quite a while. Love your bug!!


What a lovely post. :)



Hi Robin!!!!! Wonderfull visit! Wonderfull bug!! Yea!!! I can leave a comment. See you soon, Julie


the insect is called a Tiger Beetle, one of the fiercest bugs in BuggyLand! (ok, I'm a geek! we have these in Michigan and fearing it was a dreaded Emerald Ash Borer I checked the internet to see what it was. Thankfully this beautifully colored bug is not a threat to our trees, just other bugs!)

Diane is lovely!


These are both exquisite photographs, it is serendipitous that you should find him there on white! Diane's eyes sparkle with life, how wonderful to find a new friend.


Hello Robin; What a great shot of the white flowers and the pretty green bug,,, {can't believe I said that] your lovely friend Diane sounds like a beautiful person, and love the photo of her... To see the world through her eyes would be just amazing.... thanks for sharing...

Have a great weekend.



Robin Your friend is a beauty..as is (((((her camera))))
Powerful I'm sure..both woman and camera!
Now the bug you post is NOT one of my favorite..Japanese beetle...does ((((MUCH))) harm to the roses if it gets into them....touch wood so far I have NOT the infestation!!
On a serious note: Thank you Robin so much for finding your way back to my blog at a time when cyber friendship & support is so much appreciated. I travelled a journey w/ breast cancer and survived and I am sure that I will once again stand stronger than ever on solid ground at the end of this my latest journey!
love and light to you. aNNa xo
P.S. Happy to be visiting and seeing your world!


Robin, I always get giddy when I see on the blog roll that there is something new to look at on your blog. It never ceases to amaze me. Your writing is beautiful and your pictures leave me breathless. Thank you Robin!

Take care & hope to see you soon at BH.


Erin Grover

Diane may not be tall but she sounds wise. Posting pie making sounds brave and your persona does have power in the very best of ways.
Be astounded this weekend.

Judith Green

Ah this is delightful...goodness that first shot is outstandingly wonderful! And yay for new buddies, what a perfect day xxx


Amazing to hear how connections really do happen right here on the web. I've always been a HUGE fan of Diane and her photography. I miss her regular posts!!!


Oh, you weren't kidding. Diane is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for this link. Of course you have found a wonderful muse and made her your friend.


What a gorgeous insect/flower photo. And your muse sounds wonderful... I will look forward to seeing her Daily Walks.


What a beautiful post about this connections... they are extraordinary, yes?



I love beetles! How lucky to see one so beautiful and be able to get that shot. Sounds like a happy day and good friendship in the making.
(thank you dear Robin for you lovely comment you left me)


what a gorgeous shot with your macro lens! I am envious that you have Diane to go on a shooting outing with. Our day will come, and I can't wait!
Bon weekend,

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