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October 12, 2009


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Tea and cake. And how about a long, long phone call. I mean it.

In fact, I will probably try tomorrow. Sloane is on the sixth day of her flu and we'll be home from school again. I'll call after our doctor visit. I hope I catch you. At least for long enough to set up a phone date. Love you!


We all have to leave the world from time to time :-).
Miss you. Hugs. xoxo


What a beautiful rose and perfectly presented to us. A favorite here.


Hey Miss Robin

Let's pencil in the 29th for a day out. Is that too last minute to give you time to get ready for Texas? I am somewhat flexible, so if next week opens up or another day is better, just let me know.

I don't know how the trees over here will hold up to the rain, so we may not have many leaves left for the color. But I am sure we can find many other things to photograph.

You just missed my latest post. Nothing too exciting, but it is up now.

Look forward to seeing you...let me know if the 29th is good.


So beautiful...just like your heart.

Thinking of you

Lara Blair

Miss you, friend. When should we do our "walk-about"? The leaves are beginning to celebrate and they are calling to the B.A.L.


I also have been away, but good to visit you now and see your lovely photos. They always warm my heart.


It is tough to keep up with every single thing sometimes. lovely picture! xo


Some things can never be said, or read, often enough; this is one of them. Your photos are so calm and soothing. I think I can smell this rose!


I love this image and the message ...
we're waiting for you over at soeursdujour ...


miss you indeed but i am enjoying the fall so, who has time to blog? xo


beautiful image and a fitting quote. Welcome back.

meg duerksen

that picture!
wow...it's perfect. i just love it.
glad you are back. :)


Love the image and inscribed quote. So true!!!


I've been in the same boat, Robin. So many things going on lately that my blog has had to take a back burner. Time to catch up!


My tweety!!! I am so glad you are back!!!!


Yes! I'm home... The fall color is here and unfortunately here in Troutdale it is quickly blowing away. The wind is horrible and all those pretty leaves are blowing away in it. I'm hoping that it will die down very very soon so we will have something to photograph. Are you busy next week or is it time for you to get ready to head out? Call me or email me so we can plan something. I am anxious to see you again!


I don't know how you do it, but oftentimes the things you post are just what I need at the moment.
thank you.

spread your wings

i've been away much too long. and have missed my blogging friends. the quote you so beautifully presented to us is so true.
happy morning to YOU my friend.


Of course you're missed and we're eager to have to visit -- but before you do, make sure it's time to reach! Take the time you need, my dear. We all need to do that, and in sharing this with us, you give us the wisdom to recognize its importance.


I know just what you mean...just got back from 4 days up north in Michigan...very relaxing, no electronic stuff. Beautiful rose!


So profound!

My nose left a print on my screen when I went to smell it :-)

The light is on and biscuits and tea are waiting for you!

Florence Muma

The light is on my friend. Florence


Such sweetness...




Beautiful photography as always Robin but I am also loving the font on the image. It matches perfectly.

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