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October 19, 2009


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You look beautiful, as always!! How is Zippy?!


You'd look FAB w/ a short and sassy a-line bob w/ bangs of course!!!


First I couldn't decide if I liked the name Einstein better or the name Blue Splash Polish rooster (they are both fabulous)...then I decided that the picture was better than the names (that funny little beak peeking out from all that featherness!)...until I got to the pic of Zippy and decided that that was the sweetest most darling of all...until I found you and your gorgeous hair!!!! You look radiant Robin. Full of life...your outsides are a perfect reflection of your brilliant insides.

Love you!xoxoxoxoxo


Oh my gosh, you look FABULOUS!! I completely love the bangs. Seriously, you look SEXY. I love it!!

Also, you have the absolute coolest friends. Natalie sounds wonderful. I am feeling jealous. And more than a little happy for you. Lucky Natalie.

Barn House

I just love seeing these pix of you and Zippy!! I need to meet that Zippy one of these days soon...I feel like I am getting close to being ready to get another puppy. She just may be the tipping point.


P.S. - You always look beautiful, but the new "do" is awesome! :o)


First off, your hair looks fabulous! Really, look how glossy it is...and the colour...well, I want that colour...and the bangs...I want bangs, too. I just may have to take your photo with me to the hairdressers next time I'm due for a cut.

And Einstein rocks! Yeah, I mean it. Just put a little electric guitar in his wings and he's all dressed up to rock out.

And your Zippy is supercute! Look how tiny she is! And so feminine!

Annnnnd...those memory boxes are wonderful. I'd love to make one...they'd make great Christmas presents for friends, wouldn't they?

This was a fun post, Robin. :)

Lisa's Chaos

My mother would flip for Zippy! She used to have a 2 lb Yorkie. :)

I love this post! So much here! Neat art pieces and makings and then you have fuzzy chicks and beautiful you and I'm in love with this post!

Deb @ Retreat

robin, i have to say that your new 'do makes you look positively sassy!!! just darling - as if you needed to be any more charming and engaging. (go ahead and make the rest of us look old and faded, thanks SO much, sweetie).

thank you for your sweet words left on my blog... life has been far too busy for me, as well, and i am trying to 'get out more' and visit friends in blogland!

looking forward to more of your adventures and lovely photos.

Judith Green

FAB! The fringe is wonderful, great idea...we say fringe in the UK not bangs. Bangs means something else entirely...!

Love this post, little bit of everything! xx


Wonderful new hair do! Looks very good on you. Also love Natalie's style :-). And the chickens are adorable. Come visit soon.xoxo


Great hair and so glad Zippy is OK. You had me worried -- I remember when she was pretty fragile for awhile. I thought "oh, no. That would be just too much..."


Robin, the new hair-do is very becoming to you. I find it very hard to make those kind of changes, but usually find that I love it in the end! Your photo through the window was fantastic!


well i think you lose points for milking the same post twice. first with the inference of zippy's illness, thank goodness, not true, and then posting a new and improved photo of the bangs!! robin bird, you owe me another post. lol. xo


Love the new "do". Nathalie's yard with chickens and a bed were fun to see too.

Tom Sheehan

Beautiful images Robin. Your composition is always so perfect. I like Zippy and the chickens. My neighbor has 6 chickens, and they are over here at my deck every afternoon for a visit. Buddy is stretched out on the deck, and they are all walking around him wondering what he's doing.

Hope all is well... (Fall is coming to New England.)



Still just as pretty as the first picture.....your hair looks gorgeous!


Your bangs are very fetching! Your photos are so beautiful! I've decided that next time I see you, I am going to ask you a kazillion questions about photography.

Love the PRIZE necklaces.


Umm...GROWS...hair GROWS back. (Sheesh, learn to proofread, Toni.)


Love the bangs!! You look at LEAST ten years younger! The new cut softens and frames your face beautifully. I like getting new hair cuts and always try to find a stylist who I can go to and say cut it and she'll run with it, giving me the perfect haircut for my face. I've only had it really backfire once and you know what? Hair grow back!! =)

PS Your photos are wonderful. You make me want to get a chicken of my very own.

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage & Junkologie

Love the bangs!!


I LOVE THE BANGS! I think it makes you look like a teenager again...very young and bouncy. I don't think a wild rooster updo would suit you well at all. lol I want an old bed in my backyard like that...just imagine lying out there in the fall wrapped in a sweater and quilt watching the leaves fall.

Susan Tuttle

what an adventurous, creative, lovely soul you are!:) your photos are breathtaking as always.

I want to take a nap outdoors on that antique bed.


Love the new-do!! Perky seems to fit you well!!


Hi Robyn-- your photos are truly amazing!!! What an incredible eye you have! I just love reading about your escapades. You must be a hoot to be with.



love, love, love it! you look amazing! i can't wait to see it in person. (soon, i hope. ;)

also, love the necklaces with the typewriter letters.

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