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October 26, 2009


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You tell the most delicious stories with your images.
This one is no exception.




Perfect, perfect, perfect.

Words, quote, image, the marriage of all three. Perfect.

Oh. And, I know just what you mean. You know that I do. Only think of all the words from me that you are waiting for. You see? I know just what you mean.


Oh, I so hear you on this, Robin. I get like that, too, just wanting to do so much, to see so much, to go, go go! and time seems to slip away even faster. How is that possible?!! I like your husband's take on it: getting ready to get ready. :)

You know, I read somewhere about a year ago that many women see colours more vividly as they age. If I recall, it happens around menopause. Now that's something to look forward to!

PS: Your wings are done...just have to write you a note and send 'em off!


Remember to "hasten slowly". Accepting that this is the pace of the second half of life will allow you to give yourself permission to be less busy but no less productive. Negative space is of the utmost importance in art, and in life.

Lisa's Chaos

I don't mind letting photos speak from time to time. :)


This image with that quote should be framed and hanged in every home - brilliant!



elizabeth @ retinal perspectives

i think that is a fabulous plan! your photos always speak volumes. :)

Erin Hollister Grover

Your quote hit me like a ton of bricks and brought tears. I have born to many untold stories for toooooo long. Being unable to tell a story and having to bear it is well I guess that is what has lead me to creative thinking. Pictures seem to speak volumes I wish you could come photograph The East Fork of the Lewis River and help PROTECT it from power lines via BPA's I-5 Corridor Reinforcement Project. The area where I live looks much like the Multnomah Falls area with waterfalls all over the East Fork. I have been in position before to have no voice and bear agony but this time I pray to be heard and prayed for and rescued. I need some good friends, pictures and words.
Always, Erin


Oh I have more days that I like to admit like that. I think that is the downfall of high achievers. We cram too much into our head and then it doesn't come out right. A simple picture definitely can share what is inside needing to come out.

Lara Blair

I hear you, Ignite My Heart friend :) There is so much to get out of the brain and my fingers can't type fast enough. As for the amazing weekend...it took me one whole day of writing (old style, like with pen and paper!) to get it all out---how you girls made me feel, how beautiful everything was, how lucky we are to live creative lives, how extremely lucky we are to find women in this world who get it and are moved easily...aaahhh..so much to say.

Looking forward to your images, as I know they will speak for themselves with eloquence and poetry.


It will come to you my sweet tweety. Lovely image and words. Enough to inspire your fingers to start typing.


For not being able to find the words, you certainly expressed it well! =) I know exactly what you mean, though. It's the way my brain has been lately. So many thoughts going through it, but not settling down long enough to form a complete one. But, as everyone has said already, your images speak volumes - no words necessary.


Your photos say so much. We are not short on words in this world...we are short on silence and empty spaces.


I'm sorry you are having this block...but it does make me feel that I am not alone...

but I must say it seems your words flow so beautifully.

Tiffany ~ Shabby Scraps

your image spoke volumes.....
thank you.
xoxo, Tiffany


Do let your images speak for they simply dazzle and take us to deep, beautiful places. And meanwhile, there are worse ways to spend the beginning of your day than "being excited about being alive, planning all the things i want to do, see, experience and share."

Because you see, ultimately, that planning evolves. And I want to be on the frontlines to see it when it does! Hugs, my friend. Be gentle on yourself. We're all overloaded, overstimulated. You've had a bunch on your plate in recent months. Slow down and let it come when it comes. We'll be here.


okay you are not so locked up that you couldn't write an epic comment on our blog. lol.

spread your wings

oh my goodness your words express exactly how i have felt many days.
But you my friend can tell the deepest story just with your photos. this one is amazing. thank you for being here.


i don't want to be a pooper but do you think it has something to do with the bangs?? i love the getting ready to get ready apologizing ahead of the game but i am so stealing that for my next post. xoxo


Incredibly touching... you give us a gift with each post.

Thank you,



Perhaps, my dear, you are becoming a true photographer - one whose pictures tell the story - no words necessary. (Here I am raising my eyebrows and looking at you and saying "hmmmm?? . . ."). Maybe?


Sweet friend, I can't imagine how you come up with such eloquent posts ever, better yet on a regular basis~ You truly inspire and amaze me. And your photos - divine. So yes, for now, share those. They are so filled with feeling and I just love how your eye spots things through your lens~
Hope to see you sometime soon,


Beautiful photo -- really lovely. I smiled at the notion of being over stimulated for your age. Brought to mind images of my children as infants, all caught up in the sensory input they were experiencing for the first time, trying to make sense of it all. Its a good problem to be having, no? Especially when the culprit is a life lived in the moment and fully -- hard to slow down enough to tell a story when you are still busy experiencing the now!

Can't wait to see your pictures:)


i am here looking at that stunning photo reading your eloquent words...and that is where I will return each time ~elk


I know how it feels to be stuck..and unable to find the words. A picture - certainly - speaks more than 1000!! Wonderful image. Love the rich tones and colors.

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