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November 17, 2009


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So firstly the juxtaposition of the dogs is amazing. I also like the fire in the background. I really great image.

Then there is the makeover. I am most envious. The bedroom looked perfect. The light on the furnishings really was beautiful. The photographs made the whole process look really easy ;)

Tiffany ~ Shabby Scraps

what a fun and beautiful post robin. Real friends are rare, and your wonderful connection is so apparent. I am so happy for you to have that! And the place look beautiful! You all did a fabulous job!

Erin Grover

How Cool!! I especially love the last photo. Nothing makes a home or sanctuary more beautiful than LOVE.
You gals have it all!


I love every single photos, every single ideas and deco, every dingle quotes... You are so amaizng!
I'd love you to come to help me with my future house!

I need to come to visit you more often!


ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage & Junkologie

Too gorgeous for words! I enjoyed the witty post as well! Looks like a fun crew!



Fabulous in every way! And that last picture is a riot.


oh what a project! and look how beautiful your room turned out. that door, is sheer love.
i am so ready to come for a visit. lol


What a GREAT story. Fab visuals. Supremely happy ending!!!


Oh, what a day!!!!! That is the project you mentioned. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so behind on blogging!!!!


The results are beautiful and I just love the name, Sparrow Cottage. What fun to share in the fun with special friends!


My that looks like fun, and what a beautiful result! Thank you so much for bringing us along.


I love you girls so much----even more after seeing your sweet faces in that bed snuggled up. Well done! I'm soooo impressed! Steve carrying that lamp is the funniest part...that and the hilarious "thought bubbles"....too funny, Robin.

Leah---I won't rest until I get to sleep below that shabby door...you could totally market that place as a honeymoon suite ;)
Talk soon!
big smooches, Tweetie friend~


So beautiful, you three and the work you did. Bravo. xoxo


Ok, you ALL are hired to come and do the kid's bedroom. It needs to be turned into EXACTLY what ya'll did. Oh it's gorgeous. Congrats you three (four+)! Missed you. <3


I want to move in right now!

Oh, that cottage does look wonderful. What looks even better is all the fun you girlfriends had. Lucky, lucky them.


Magnificent!! With a pug on board how can you fail :)


Quite simply, one of the best blog posts I've ever seen and read. Very clever and creative. Oh, and the room is gorgeous! If I gave awards I would give one to you post haste! Kudos for everything. (Love the dogs)


Looks like such fun...and a wonderful bonding experience. The results are wonderful!!!


a door as a headboard! genius! (though I am afraid to nail anything heavier than a frame into the wall. maybe if I didn't have an apartment.)

loved the captions! though i notice that the Boss dog was lying down on the job. clearly he did not take his responsibility too seriously.

i'm glad you had such a good weekend.


Awwww I simply adored this post...from the dogs to the shot of you to funny girls in bed.

How wonderful friendships are. How they lighten the heart.

So happy for the three of you.



meg duerksen

is this sparrow cottage....or heaven?
this is close to what my heavenly space would look like.
it is beyond gorgeous robin!
when can you stop by here...bring the boss.
waffle would just DIE for that kind of friend. :)


Totally delightful! Loved the treatment you did with the captions and so glad you're in some of the photos, too! Looks like an exhausting, fabulous time. (The dog photo -- that makes me smile!)

Smiles -- needing a lot as you know from the Gypsy. But this helped see light!

Flower Patch Farmgirl

Luv Luv LUV it! I'm telling you, fun girlfriends really are the cat's meow! Great job, ladies!


the dogs were so funny ....you really made me smile with wach frame Robin...all that white ...amazing!


The headboard is to die for great! Beautifully styled room!!

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