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December 01, 2009


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oh my dearie, how did I miss seeing this. I am ever so thankful that you found your way to Moland and into my life. Your words of wisdom and your creativity never cease to both amaze and amuse me. I'm so thankful to be able to call you my friend.


Robin, you never cease to amaze me. I've been MIA and am trying terribly hard to catch up. Wow. What I have missed. I love your Ode to Mo. I am so thankful I met you in Moland. No better place to meet such a fantastical person such as you. <3 I am loving your friends video. Again, beautiful, just like everything you touch with your talent.


Yeah, I want the body, BUT I really, REALLY want those shoes!! Looks and sounds like you've had tons of fun in Mo Land.


You and your girlfriends are a wonderful example of Darwin's Theory of Evolution. I have seen you and your friends increase in confidence and skill as you adapted to new art forms. Everyone has advanced so much in their artistic vision and creation of beauty.


Thanks for sharing your friendships, they are so precious.


Yes, I agree with Margie, how did you end up with that body? We are, of course, as only sisters can be, insanely jealous.

I love this post


all of this - fabulous. i love it and want to learn it. however, and i say however with great emphasis, why are you the only sister that got that body and why haven't you lent me those shoes. xoxo laughing hard. still.


You have the most amazing circle of women around you Robin. And OOH LA LA!!! What a hot bod!!!!!


I should have visited here before I sent you an email. Enjoy your visit with your daughter and her family. Maybe we can catch each other when you get back in town??


It sounds like such a magical place and community. Online communities are a wonderful gift...such a wonderful way for like-minded creatives to connect. Thanks for sharing..


Love your blog re Moland and the special frindships created there Robin. Sure miss you in Moland ...hope you come back for a visit real soon.
xxox Debbie


Thank you for sharing Mo-land.

I think I need that skill .. the one about attaching my head to a splendiferous body. It sounds awfully handy. Tee-hee.


I think creative souls just manage to find one another...maybe it's just instinctual that we gravitate to shared creative outlets. Whatever it may be, I know that I have met some of the most amazing and influencial women of my life through online creative persuits and I am most thankful for each and every one of them fore they have shaped the art and focus of so many of my endeavors. But most importantly they have been there for support and encouragement during the not so creative times of my life. Though miles may separate the body, the heart spans the miles. And in seconds we are there. We hear the voice, we see the smile, and deep inside we know. That friends remain a part of us always. We all adore you too Miss Robin. ;)


Love the blog post on Moland Robin.. you are certainly missed there!! I love seeing your layouts too. Your photography over the years is superb as well as your photoshop skills.. thanks for your delightful blog and hope to see you back in Moland soon.. XOXO Christa


That wasn't really you doing the housework?
What an inspirational group of woman, and how lucky we all are to have the ability to discover such special people.
Hope you have a fun time in Chicago :) Will miss you!


It is such a joy to visit your blog and see all the wonderful things you have to say....and it's even better when you are saying some of those wonderful things about me!!! Thank heavens we found Moland and such a special friendship!!! Love you....see you Monday!


This is terrific. I musst link to some of these folks and check them out. I so love this world of Blog where we meet kindred spirits, learn new things and make great discoveries every day. Rosa (I think the same -- didn't click) is where I found you! The six degrees get smaller, don't they?

I need to learn how to do that head-on-skinny-body thing. Before Christmas. Well, maybe next year! Thinking of you and the great fun you'll cherish with those you love!

Florence Muma

Thanks for sharing Mo-land, I too feel very enriched by the friends I have met in the blog world. I also like your description of the "grace of friendship" that is a wonderful way to state some beautiful friendships that have been made over the years. Thank you and I thank you for your friendship and getting to know you. Hugs Florence

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