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December 09, 2009


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And have I told you that I like this purple tone to your new look? LOVE IT!


This little girl is growing so fast!!
I remember when you were posting her baby pictures, and now there will be a new little one! Congrats, love.


OH those kissable, kissable little lips. Oh my.


You're back! And snow, no less! Ms. O is gorgeous and so is Mimi! I'm so very excited about Rachel's good news! Can't load video yet but will get it up there and check it all out!

I've a bit of something coming your way as soon as I can get to the P.O. Merry HOHO!


Extremely sweet. You'd have to have the heart of a snowman not to appreciate these pictures Robin!

Florence Muma

Loved the snowman and that little granddaughter of yours, how fun and now another on the way. Enjoy your time and safe travels. Hugs Florence


All the girls in my family are adorable!


Oh my goodness...so cute! She looks like a little mini model all dressed up for snow play! Love he little twirling ballerina...she really is a child of many many talents! Give her a big smooch for me!


Broccoli and carrots and basil, oh my! So cute, as is your adorable Livy. Congrats on the new grandson - how cool is that?! I must confess I only watched the video once, but I'm quite sure if she was my very own grandchild I'd wear it out watching it over and over again.


So wonderful. Olivia I so darling! and so is the mimi.xoxo


Congrats Robin on your upcoming grandson.. how exciting.. I cannot believe how much little Miss O has grown, and in these photos you can see how much she looks like Rachel.. Thank you for sharing.. her first snowbird is adorable and so glad you captured it!! Big hugs and happy holidays!! XOXO Christa

Elizabeth Wix

What a delicious and lovely snow bird!


oh my gosh, how adorable!

Tiffany ~ Shabby Scraps

how adorable! I especially love the brocoli eyes!
xoxo, Tiffany


She is adorable. As is the mini snowman. I'm glad you are having a good visit! :)


Yay Miss Robin...you will be a mimi again. That is so exciting. I know you are thrilled and Olivia will be too when he gets here. I love the snow bird idea...too cute. Wish I had thought of that when mine was little. I about killed myself rolling those giant snowballs all over the yard to make a life size snowman! lol


Such sweet images. Happy Winter!!!


vewy vewy cute. i am so happy that you had a visit. i am dying to get to montreal to hug the babies.


She is adorable...but you already know that, huh?

At this point the whole week before christmas is open in my schedule. So if you are able to make it out of the snow, let me know what works for you.

Enjoy the rest of your visit.


OH that is just PRECIOUS!!!!!


Great video! Little Miss O is quite good at following directions given her young age. I love the jumper she's wearing in the video - looks very European. The first photo is so fantastic I can hardly stand it. The gorgeous skin tones and razor sharp. You are so very talented.

Lara Blair

Loved the video! Too precious.
Can you put that little Mimi in a cooler and bring 'er on home? She is the cutest.

Be a safe traveler---so glad you're enjoying your time at home.


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