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December 21, 2009


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Oh dear, I may have posted to comments on accident. Not sure what happened the first go around . . . Robin, you are an inspiration -- your art, heart and spirit. Whatever you turn you creative energies to will be beautiful!! Enjoy the holiday -- with love, Heather


You are an inspiration -- your art, heart and spirit. Whatever it is you turn your creative energies to, it will (and is!) beautiful! Enjoy your holiday -- with much love.


"I cannot fathom why it is i am so blessed. I have done nothing to deserve the grace that is my life."

How very, very wrong you are, Miss Tweets. You are a muse,a friend, an inspiration, a talented woman - as you grow in your creative world, more questions will rear their heads. I, for one, think you can do it all, yes, and leap tall buildings in a single bound.

2020 awaits - let us enter it bravely and holding hands,

Merry Christmas!!!


dearest robin. have a merry merry christmas. whatever you choose to do, all of us will benefit. i love the little charms. you are so adventurous with your art. taking inspiration and making it a reality. lots of love.


what beautiful creations from a beautiful lady...many holiday wishes for you this day

Florence Muma

Love your charms and your shared story of your granddaughter, grand children are certainly a gift to be cherished. Happy Holidays to you my friend. Florence


Oh dear, I am so loving your fabulous little soldered creations! I need Natalie as my solder just wants to clump and clump... I am so happy you had time with your two favorite girls, and hope that you are ready to enjoy the holidays now that you have returned!
I look forward to seeing you in the new year~
Much love to you,

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