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January 06, 2010


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That little guy is just pure sweetness. I love how you describe him...so much love in your words. Love to you and yours. xoxo


I respect a baby that insists on dry diapers!

I love Olivia's wardrobe - especially the pink polka-dot jammies.

Congratulations to you and the rest of Henry's kin!

Aurora Suzette

YOU! You! You! Love the article in Somerset Life, or as I should say, the recent one. Bragged about you in my blog, too. Henry and Olivia are very precious. Safe trip. x

Tom Sheehan

Beautiful photographs Robin. Henry is just adorable. :)

The lighting on your images is always so nicely done.


These images just melt my heart!


He might be small, Robin, but he is mighty big on looks! So adorable, both Henry and Olivia. It's fun to see the interaction in the video.


I just found you!!! What a precious little angel-your Henry and his big sister too! Great Pics! I will be stopping by again real soon-Blessings


henry is....

so fresh from God

and a beauty!


Awwwwwww .. such a sweetheart, both Henry and Olivia! I'm so glad you got that time with them.

Joy Bayer

What adorable sweet babies! Imagine my surprise when I was in Borders just after New Years with my great nieces and found your article. It made a great evening even more, to have something so beautiful to take home!

Charlotte's  ...fine art photography

You can just hear (read) the pride and joy in your heart thru your posts. Isn't it amazing the love we have for our grandbabies!! Hope you have, or had by the time I've posted, made a safe trip back home.


Robin, he is gorgeous and I love his name. Henry. It seems to me a name that is for a boy whose life is filled with potential for grand things.
xo Kath

Sylvi - Little Cottage

Happy New year Robin!
C O N G R A T S with your new grandson;- what a little angel!
Life can't get better than this or what????
Hopefully there will be many memorable moments in the new year, that you can preserve with your camera!


I did enjoy your article in Somerset Life. Congratulations!
Wonderful to start the year off with a new little one too.


He is adorable! And his sister is getting so big.
Lovely family images.


What a wonderful series of images...and I love the accompanying video. Lucky you - to have such treasures in your life!!

Modern Prairie Girl

PRECIOUS!! Just so lovely, Robin...he is bea-u-ti-ful :)

Can't wait to read the article on the boys---can I buy it at Barnes and Noble, et al?



What a wonderful post to read. Congrats on your Somerset entry! How fun.


How sweet! It reminds me of my little boys days! I like the sounds of the shutter beep in the background!


just look at baby Henry and big Sis! soooo adorable.


Robin, this post just melts my heart! And I have exactly the same in grandbabies (only you are a bit ahead of me by a few months). My first grandbaby, a girl - Sophia, is almost 2 ... with a second, a boy - Max, to be born in April. I never thought grandbabies would be this wonderful! They exceed my expectations!

Yours are darling! Though tears and a journey follows each visit, we must enjoy every second we get~

Diana Leitner-Annie, Fannie and Abigail

Oh Robin, how precious and joyous those two grand babie are-give them hugs and kisses from us. Diana and Donna

Deb @ Retreat

Oh my, he is just angelic.... I can only imagine the joy you have felt while sharing such precious moments with your family, Robin. Hold them as long as you can before heading home, and safe travels to you.

And thank you so very much, again and publicly, for including a photo of our tent in your Somerset story!


These are fabulous! Love the videos -- and look how beautiful they both are! I love the idea of Henry becoming a poet! That's beautiful indeed!

I wish you safe passage home -- a pleasant departure, knowing that a return isn't far away! Hugs!


Glad all is well! Beautiful pictures -- enjoy:)

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