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January 11, 2010


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You are such a creative and inspiring human being Robin. It is always such a treat to come over here and see what you have to share. It delights every sense, and wakes up parts of me that feel as though they have been hibernating, waiting patiently for a stirring. I love you to pieces.

And what I wouldn't give to have a tent like that to retreat to in the summer months. Oh I could look at that image and dream the whole day away!



I most like the light and tones to these shots. Gentle yet evocative.


Wonderful to see the pictures behind the article! Slowly catching up, my dear! Cheerio!

Tiffany ~ Shabby Scraps

congrats on the article robin! I saw it and it is stunning!
xoxo, tiffany


Robin, what a lovely blog and such lovely photos as well. I'm truly looking forward to reading more as we embark on the V&V journey.


Here's to another great year of images and words (or v&v). =)


I think I could sit here all day and just read...and stare, Robin...and not feel I have wasted any time. I love your talent and inspiration. It will be so fun getting to know you better! :)


A beautiful collection of images. Each one tells a story of life, a different view. My favorite, the dress dummies...sensational.


I can't wait to see what these projects close to home may be...a possible photo tour of Avalon? I have got to find that magazine around here. I think our Borders carries it...they were sold out last time. Maybe if I get there early enough this time, I can get a copy. ;)


Warm photos Robin. Always a pleasure visiting you. Look forward to seeing you accomplish your goals and conquer your projects this year.

sending lots of positive vibes your way.

one love.


These are absolutely gorgeous photographs, Robin. You have such an eye for capturing the feminine beauty in Life. Congratulations on being published! I'm going to look for the magazine during my travels this weekend.


oh la la

i LOVE that taj tent!

i do!!!


Handsome devils indeed. How fortunate they are to have you as their number one cheerleader. Your talent is enormous!


way ta go sistah.


Those shirts are fantastic.

Congratulations on the article! I love the images you shared here. (And I still think that tent is the most fabulous thing ever.)

Barn House

:o) How awesome is this??!! Thanks so much for being such an intimate part of our past year. We feel very honored to have had you here! The article is Fantastic!!!

Much Love,

J & J

Modern Prairie Girl

Just picked it up today!!! So proud of you. It's just gorgeous, Robin! Truly.

Missing you...Leah and I were thinking the week of the 18th...?



Congratulations on being published. How very exciting!!! Would love to live closer by to check out this barn house.

Florence Muma

Robin I enjoyed ever moment and minute that I savored your article in Sommerset on The Barn House Boys. Thank you for your gift. Hugs Florence


Loved the article. One of these days I hope to make it to a Barn House sale.

Deb @ Retreat

Thank you so much for everything, Sweet Robin.... your photos are always so heartwarming, just like you!

Deb @ Retreat


I love the Barn House and next time I am in Portland I will come visit, it is so much magic. Congrats on a wonderful project completed.xoxo


Robin, I've beene having so much fun click through the various links and catching up on the Barn House. Exciting times and yes, they are adorable. Also, the little moppet is the cutest thing. She looks like she attached herself to country life very quickly.

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