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February 09, 2010


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I am just as dumbfounded as you are. I have no idea how they do it! I could flop to the floor just thinking about the hectic lives these mothers adapt to.

These pictures are fabulous. Peanut butter and sticky fingers and all.


The peanut picture is so wonderful!!!


This photos are so beautiful...how lovely to recognize the LIFE in each of these wonderful blogs and moms!

I always wondered how mothers of multiple children did it...me with my one...and often feeling so overwhelmed with the wonder of it all. happy to be able to smother the ONE with all of ME

wonderful post!

Cindy Dockins

Just wanted to say hello....and that I've missed seeing you. xo Cindy


And here quite serendipitously I assure you, is me; the bad mommy blogger who seems to post and never have time to visit these days! I was only thinking ten minutes ago, "I'll go see what Birdie is up to, haven't been by in awhile." Thanks for the mention!

Well you know, when it comes to blogging for me it happens at my least creative time, the night when all my energy is spent and I've squeezed out the last of my energy to give to the kids. Not twenty minutes ago I was dosing the eldest up with Benadryl, so that she could have a comfortable sleep, then snuggling her until her eyes rolled back in her head with sleep. Yet, our morning started off with a bit of stress...so there was indeed no blogging happening there.

The answer to the question you ask is a mystery wrapped in a riddle, the infamous enigma. I do blog, yet things suffer when I do- so I have to limit it. I have friends ask me where I find the time. I really do not know. I just do. I think if I didn't have the outlet of blogging I'd go mad. I'm really just needing the place for me. I don't even blog a lot of mommy stuff, because it is my sacred space away from all that. (I don't want that to sound selfish...it isn't really.) However, if I were a man, blogging would be my "man cave". It is my place to retreat when I need inspiration, a kind word, a fellow in this human race.

I'll have to limit this answer now because I have a few more places to leave my calling card before bed time. 6 am the alarm goes off so that I can shower and straighten my hair and dress in order to feel human before everyone else demands my time.

Love ya!!!

Deb @Retreat

Robin, I'm a grandma blogger so I have lots of time. ;0)

I really dropped by to tell you that i have given you the Sunshine Award - visit my blog to see! http://hummadeedledee.blogspot.com/2010/02/thank-you-robin.html


A lot of late nights and sleepy mornings. I try to keep my blogging to after-bedtime hours so that I don't steal time from Sloane. As to balance, it's more about a balanced life a month at a time. There's too much to juggle to be a day by day thing.


thank goodness blogging for me didn't start until my kids were teenagers....
and it's what keeps my sanity today when my 18 year old thinks he knows it all.....

Prudence Rapozo

I have found that blogging has been a must for my mental health. I have 5 children ages 19, 16, 14, 8, 2. I remember when my youngest was a newborn, I asked my husband to feed her so I could shower, so he propped her bottle up in her playpen, I said uh... no you'll hold her and feed her. He whined... but I'm eating! I looked at him, with silent swear words streaming through my brain...I don't even have to tell you mothers that it was well after lunch and I had yet to eat or shower for the day. Kinda got off track there. Some days as the baby is eating toothpaste I know I should get off the computer, but I take no other time for myself, so this is it. I long for the days of being able to sew without interruption or read for more than 5 minutes. But as my dearly departed mother always told me, don't wish their lives away, it'll be gone before you know it! Thank you mom...

Erin Prais-Hintz

WHat a beautiful blog (and beautiful grandkids!). I am not a new mom. My 'baby' is turning 9 on Friday, and my other 'baby' will turn 12 in March. But I remember those days. I was not a bloger then, don't know how they do it either. But I am a full-time working mom with a 9-midnight passion (making one of a kind works of wearable art) and I know all too well the feeling of being overwhelmed. I am there on many days (and nights). Carving out time for yourself with a community of people who 'get' you is important. And sustains me in many ways. I am always seeking inspiration, and I am so glad that Relyn posted about you here today. I will be coming back to follow you. (And for the record, my own daughter is Olivia and my mother insists on being called Mima).
Enjoy the day! Erin


I do remember those busy days as a young mom. My creative heart was so strong I didn't blog then, but I definitely had to do something creative in order for my heart to sing. It may have been after children were in bed or taking a nap, but I constantly had something creative going. What beautiful pictures.


The girl with the peanut butter toast looks very contented. In fact, she seems to be implying that you're disturbing her enjoyment. Lovely shot, good use of the chair as a frame too.


That first photo is sooooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!

Stopping in to say hi.


Lovely pictures, as always. The way i blog is not in one sitting. I start a post and take five minutes here and there until I have something I think is worth pushing the 'publish button' over. This is a way for me to pull away from the stress and chaos, that moment stolen, like a cigarette break, minus the yellow teeth and bad breath :-)


Since I have only animal boys I can't answer your questions, but I know I don't have any time, so they must never sleep :-). I love these photos. xoxo


Oh dear Miss Robin, I do not have time to blog but I make time to read yours. ;) I wouldn't even know what to say. I figure my day is too mundane to be read about. lol I love the new photos of the grandbabies...espeicially the one with Mimi in it. ;) They are both so adorable and I know you are haivng an amazig time despite the laundry, dishes, feedings and such. It is the small moments that touch our hearts the most.


What a wonderful post..so full of questions and wonder. How do they do it? I've often asked the same..myself!!!


Hmmm...after reading these comments, it appears no one else knows how they do it, either. I think it ends up just being a matter of finding those small moments scattered throughout the day (lunch break, nap time, waiting for this or that) and rather than just sitting, getting a little further on that project, that blog reading or writing. My daughter is now 20 and away from the nest, but I don't seem any less busy! I still feel I have obligations to my home (which I had even less time for when she was small) and my husband--who actually expects me to spend time with him! Plus I work outside the home during the day. I get these thoughts, these moments, when I am waiting for the next thing, when I take a lunch break, when I take a 15 minute break from my housework, etc. But the magic of it is that the observer only sees the product and thinks that the producer must have had a lot of time to make it happen. I bet most of us are this way. Us moms don't quite know how we do it, I think, even when we are doing it. It is a perception thing...


This made me smile. Peanut butter girl is sooo cute, I want to smooch her. I think my sister said it best the other day, something about being young ... that is why you have your kids when you're young. I have no idea how moms & dads get anything done. I have no time and that's without children or grandchildren. xo

Ljus, Färger och Friska Dofter

I fell a sleep early last night... together with my son. Always when I do that I wake up in the night. And think. (I like these quiet thinking hours) Maybe it was while you were writing this. One of the thoughts was about my blogs. And I was ashame of myself not to plan and THINK more of my boy instead f planing and thinking of my blog :-((( Blogging is addictive. I admit. I also feel it is a realm where I go for my need and hunger for creativity. But it is time consuming and my intention is to cut the bloggingtime down to half an hour a day. Ofcourse my boy IS the most impotant thing to me. I also started my latest blog hoping to eventually gain new customers to paint portraits for... I need more customers because I need to buy/build a house because nor my boy nor I are that crazy about living traped in an apartment. Well... very, very good question Robyn!!!

Love, Olga


Not that I'm in that age group any more, but when I was, I started on my projects after the boys were in bed and I stayed up until 2:00 a.m. I got up in time to see them off to school. If there is something you love to do you find a way, even if it means burning the candle at both ends. Love the photos of your grandbabies - so cute!! Enjoy the rest of your stay.


Robin your grandbabies are gorgeous, and so love see these photos. We have just had little Kai with us (just 2) for the last few days and a night...and we are so exhausted. Have not done a thing..but play, clean up the spills, entertain, pull out/put away the toys, the whole bathroom routine .....like over and over and again some...toilet training is fun eh? I am sure you have been totally occupied, exhausted and loving it all these past 13 days. Yes...how do the young blogging/social networking/working mums of today do it???
Anyway I'm off now to rest my weary head and body and sing myself to sleep with nursery rhymes. LOL xxox Deb

spread your wings

i adore that top photo.
It baffles me how these fabulous bloggers, photographers and writers live such beautifully creative lives and find time to and share it with us.


I would love to weigh in with an answer on this one, but I don't have and have never been in that situation, so I share your awe. I have a hard enough time getting a life with a job outside the home, one I can more or less leave at five or six and not worry about until the next morning, and maybe not at all on the weekend. The mom goes 24/7 -- working outside the home (sometimes) and inside (always).

Meanwhile, I'm glad to see you posting, though between the cuddling, problem solving and laundry, I'm not sure how you had the time! The photos are gorgeous, and I love all three!


Made my morning to see a new post from you and see the beautiful photos of you and the babes. Oh my. So well articulated the tension between the demands of small children, routine of daily living and the creative aspiration to blog and express oneself artistically. Often I'm blogging or photo-taking at times that are NOT exactly opportune for the family -- when I need an escape or a moment of quiet in the midst of domestic chaos:) For example, the kids are up and trying to get dressed for school and you can find me at the kitchen table, coffee in hand and reading your lovely blog entry!

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