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April 22, 2010


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I want to crawl right into this post and experience this amazing spot! Those doors and that last wide shot -- WOW!

And I love the photo you chose of Diana -- you can tell she's hard at work and I love that kind of image -- it tells one a lot about a person! I'm so glad you had a fabulous day -- isn't that the best?


what a lucky girl to be visiting with our robin. just thinking the other day that you were the first photography/writing blog i ever visited. and here i am still. xo


What a beautiful place. Hard to believe it's located right in the middle of the city. Gorgeous images!!!


Oh. I am excited and jealous both. Lucky Diana. Lucky you!!


Eek! You know how shy I am about having photos of me published. These photos of the garden turned out great. I haven't had time to process mine yet.

Thank you for teaching me how to use this big-girl camera -- I have a long way to go. Thank you for giving my your entire afternoon to meet me; it was a fun and relaxing time. I'm glad that I escaped the San Francisco rain to come to Portland's sunshine. How often will I have a chance to say that?

Can't wait to see you and Relyn this summer!


What fun you must have had, what beautiful surroundings. I love tagging along on your adventures and peeking through your lens. :)


I love the pond photo with the orange Koi. You're such a nice friend.


what gorgeous imagery! I know you gals had a blast.


It's beautiful. And it reminds me that they are on my list to visit. One of these days ..

Florence Muma

I love to visit the Oregon Chinese Gardens, we have such a treasure there. Florence


Gorgeous photos of the Chinese Gardens. I walked through there with my camera this past Monday. It is so peaceful. Even for a short visit it clears my mind and brings me JOY. I would have loved to meet Diana.


I absolutely LOVE this my tweety friend! I hope to visit there some day in the future with my children. All my love.

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