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April 27, 2010


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My new friend Jeanie ( The Marmalade Gypsy ) spent a few hours last night helping me learn about blogging. I'm new to this adventure and so thrilled to stumble upon a girlfriend post! I miss my girlfriends so much. I recently moved to the Lansing MI area and long for connections with women. So fun to read about and see photos of your connections. Your photos are fabulous!

Here is a link to my beginner blog :-)


~ Christine


You have the prettiest, happiest friends Robin. I love how good you are at girlfriending. As to what I've been making lately, not much. The end of the school year just passed and my in-laws are here for a visit. When it really settles into summer, I have quite a few things planned.


I want to see what you all made! Please? Yes, you look like a fun bunch of gals. How great is it that you have such a fabulous group of friends around you - and that they have YOU! Art-wise, craft-wise, I'm working on winged messengers, a book piece and paper-mache up the wazoo for an upcoming photo shoot. Yep, busy busy but it's all GOOD!


I've been working on my quilt, sewing a soft camera strap for my camera, finishing a tiny baby sweater I knit for a friends preemie, learning textures in PhotoShop ... I HAVE BEEN HAVING THE BEST TIME!

Maija Lepore

What a beautiful day with girlfriends....you know I love those!!! Come to my blog and be my friend for a giveaway!! www.maigirlz.typepad.com


I love all the photos. It looks like you are having a bunch of fun!
I have been painting, I have new techniques and I am inspired! :-).


beautiful photos!
i need to find some crafty friends on this end of the state...it's something i really miss since moving here!


ok I want to see a mirror photo of you in those a$$ kickin boots! My mind is swirling with imagery.;)


Robin...AMAZING photos...you make everything look so beautiful and inviting..Thank you, for "dragging" me out to play...not usually a difficult task, but it was much needed and appreciated. xoxoxo


Oh, Boy! You are posting a LOT! Hallelujah!

Looks like you are all having the best fun ever!

What am I crafting? Well, right now I'm working on a 6x6 collage page -- one of our art group friends is moving to Santa Fe, and we are all making her 6x6 pages for her day book to remember us by! And I'm also working on a tag cookbook for her as well, as we are trading original art! AND, I'm finishing up three felted purses (complete with orange cat hair!). And reading and cooking like a crazy lady, which isn't really crafty but tons of fun! This weekend, I'm making some watercolor page backgrounds like the ones you'll see in my upcoming post from Artiscape!


What a fun and wonderful collection of happy images..of creative women gathering!!!

Modern Prairie Girl

LOVE that image of the mirror, Robin! You totally nailed it. Mine, not so much :) I do have a little cleavage goin' there---thought it was all gone! ha!

I love the B&W of the ladies. You captured them beautifully---such a great expression on Miss Julie.

It was a treat to spend time with you, as always.
big smooches---


The only things missing is your fancy outfit and memory-producing cowgirl boots!! so much, Robin. Glad for you and your girlfriends:)

Florence Muma

Looks like you all had so much fun. Well my shoes were mary janes, not too exciting, I am thinking. Hugs to you. Florence


Shoes: Pink Converse
Crafty: Made three pillows out of beautiful chocolate brown vintage fabric with pink roses.

Your girl time sounds totally delightful!


You make me so happy and amazed that people actually live in such gorgeous homes. I am so loving your girlfriend series, girlfriend! You naughty thing you!



Another lovely post. Your pictures are amazing! I even think I look pretty cute in the one you took of me. How did you do that? ha ha Every time I get to hang out with you is such a treat for me. I hope we can do it again soon!



Isabel ~ Maison Douce

Always so much fun to see it through somebody else's eyes...!!!!! Your pictures are just dreamy!!!! Thank you so much for coming, Robin, I loved having you and all the girls here!!!!


What a fun post, Robin. Love it and your portraits of your friends are sparkling. And - now I have lots of new sites to visit too.

What have I been crafting? Well, I finally, FINALLY tried my hand at tea dying. I posted the results today. It was so much fun. More to come.

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