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May 01, 2010


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I wish I knew how to decorate like this.
I wish I knew where to go to find such treasures to decorate like this.


Oh, I am hoping, hoping, hoping that I'll be able to see the Queen's show for myself this summer. How great would that be?


I haven't even finished looking at your photos, I got to the first one and had to tell you this: I LOVE that your queen has a heart just over her shoulder. If you look at it right, you'll see a heart out of the rooster's comb. Pretty neat.


As usual, your photographs are gorgeous, Robin. Really, you should be a regular contributing photographer to a magazine. You are GOOD! And oh how I wish I could go to the flea market! I remember your photos from last year's event. The folks who host it truly know how to INSPIRE their guests.


Dear Queen of Tweet,
It was a pleasure to hear from you.
Keep soaring high with the birdies~


You always make us feel like we are THERE!!!


Cindy has a blue rooster...TOO!!



These posts always make me crazy --- someday I'll be able to attend the Barn House ... and no offence to Jake, but when I looked at his picture, I thought, hey, I have those same rolls on my belly ... somehow they're way cuter on a pup!

Joanna {sweet finds}

Hello! Love your blog! Love the photos.

...makes me want to go shopping or go home & re-decorate. :)

I soo need to get my camera fixed! My two lil' birds dropped it & the shutter speed? is messed up. Have to take all my photos outside on a sunny day. Eeek!

anyhoo, just wanted to say Hi! This is my first time visiting your site.

Noticed your little comment on the side bar, so wanted to leave a little something. :)



Always such beautiful light in your photography, love the way your lens lets people's personalities shine through! I hope that one day soon I can get a gaggle of my goils together and we can drink in these lovely events.


Oh, I would SO love to be there. Perhaps one day! xo


Love the theme and I love all your beautiful photos.


What a beautiful tribute to Cindy!!
Great Photos of a great event.
Hope ALL is well Robin Bird.


Love the Tarte sale and now would love to visit the Barn House Boys too. Great pictures!


oh my, waht luscius eye candy!!! And to see all our good friends to boot?? Must have been a fabulous time....
xoxo, Tiffany


Dear Ms. Robin, so glad you are posting more often! I have to say, if I could fly, I would fly straight to Oregon and enter the land of the Queen of Tarte or hang out at the Barn House! It's so beautiful, so delightful -- and you tell its story so very well!


again this year, i want to go to the barn house with you. please. oh right, i didn't get to go last year!!


Gorgeous photos, as always.
Looks like a great place.

Hope you are well.


It looks like such a great place..a treasure. Wish I lived closer..to stop by and see for myself!!!


Beautiful, oh so lovely! I want to go to there!



I can't stand that I came to Portland too early for this fabulous event. I must have everything in every photo. I will deal with storing it all later :) Number one on the list is that fabric (wallpaper?) of the red chandeliers. And those miniature chairs - to die for!

Florence Muma

What a sweet tribute to Cindy. Looking forward to the Barn House Sale too. Hugs Florence


Don't you feel so lucky to know such fabulous people? Great photos - makes me wish that I were closer and able to get down to all of these events!
Can't wait to see you one of these days - we need to book our girls shooting day!
gross bisous,


These are fabulous!!!! photos. I can feel space within them - they are rich, delicious, yummy! You just keep getting better and better, don't deny it, you know it to be true. And PS - those metal chairs have my name written somewhere on them, I'm sure they do.


Cindy Dockins

Oh...My sweet Robin Bird... I love you too....xoxoxo Cindy

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