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May 19, 2010


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That drink is a perfect picture of summer. Perfect!


Well, Robin, you may take breaks from blogging but when you DO return, you always bring such beauty, joy, and friendship with you. Yes, Hannah is a cutie. She has that timeless look about her, doesn't she? She has the face that could be on a tintype, in a Victorian children's book, etc. And seeing the photographs of you with your friends always has me wanting to crash your parties! You gals always look like you are having the best time! And..um...can we have the recipe to that strawberry-rhubarb parfait? YUM!

In answer to your question, I've been painting paper mache masks for an upcoming photo shoot in Canada. I just finished a sad brown bear...next up, an angry, growling wolf. Oh, and I walked around NYC over the weekend. It's always a pleasure to see how the cityfolk create such beautiful gardens in such small spaces.


When ever you post, I am happy, how much you post does not matter, we have to live and can't be worried about if we are blogging enough! xoxo


This looks like such a beautiful beginning. Especially love the colors in the pink margarita..and little Hattie - is just too sweet!!!

Barn House

Can I steal this line? "I have been torn between living my life and writing about my life. I don't seem to be adept at having both at the same time." This IS my life...I have to stop beating myself up about not being able to do it all. Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures of some of the most amazingly talented women we know.



OK, I just want to dive into the computer screen and grab that parfait -- NOW! It looks so refreshing!

Please do come participate with a self-portrait on Unconventional Beauties -- you really are an expert at it!

And you're right -- that's one adorable little girl!

Well, I'm drowning in a sea of Tab cans, piles of work I'm trying which to decide to tackle first, home projects equally that way. I've told some folks, if it wasn't for pre-posting, I wouldn't get to post at all! That said, stop by and tell me what you think about Oregon wines! Were our reactions on track?!


You made us look GOOD, girl :) That was a divine day, wasn't it? Oh, how I love our get-togethers. They fuse me with inspiration.

big, tremendous hugs--


I have been worried, but thought you were probably having WAY too much fun, so didn't bother you. I misread your parfait words and thought you said you used the wonderful warm weather as one of the ingredients. I'm thinking you may just have! These images are gorgeous, as usual, and Hattie is a doll. And PS - I am so glad you are living your life. That's the part that counts.



I love strawberry rhubarb anything. Especially pies! I would love to see a pie photo on the kitchen counter in Bird Tweets.


Oh, do share the recipe for that gorgeous parfait!

Loving your photos as always,


Florence Muma

You are all such beautiful women, inside and out. Thanks for sharing. Your strawberry, rhubarb parfait looks decadent. I am just waiting for the sunshine to stay. Hugs Florence


You are seriously a gifted photographer! The portrait of Hattie is simply divine. Perfection! Your friends look like they are so much fun and super-talented too. I am not a rhubarb fan but this drink looks so good, I may have to give it a taste. I'm sure it tastes better because it's served in the perfect green-footed glass. Can't wait to see you this summer!

Tiffany ~ The Fancy Farmgirl

ok ok ok, I told Lara this yesterday, I seriously can't read your blogs anymore, it makes me miss you way too much!!! You are all such beautiful women...and Natalie's children ( i have had the opportunity to see the little sprites at BH) are just darling!!!
xoxo, Tiffany

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