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July 11, 2010


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Hee hee..I just read Debi's comment...I am suddenly getting those odd lawyers comments too.

What a beautiful story...I can just picture them, in the thousands, making room for number 1001. So much a bigger story inside that sweet little story.


You capture great images with both your camera and your words. Relyn is precious and I feel blessed to know her. I'm so sorry that we couldn't reprise our summer adventure this year. We will try again next year.

On July 11, 1966, I arrived in New York City from Amsterdam at the age of 11. It's a day that changed my life forever.


HI Robin - thinking about you today .... xo


Yay, roadtrip! I've always thought the best way to get to know someone was to travel with them. I hope you two will have a great time.
I remember that post and your image is the perfect compliment.
Bon voyage,


Missing you. So much! Especially today.


Hi Robin, Just visiting from Relyn. I do recall seeing this story over at her place. I've just had a look through your flickriver images and wanted to say how much I enjoyed them!


Ohhhhh, I want to jump into the backseat with you gals! You are both such wonderful women. I can only imagine how much fun you both will have on this trip. Lots o' giggling! And yes! to you writing a journal and yes! to Relyn photographing her world. Have a fun time. I want to read all about it when you get back. :)


My heart always swells when i visit you. You are so precious. <3


What a wonderful story...the one about the birds, and the one about your friendship. The photo is lovely...and I could picture in my mind all those birds on a wire, shifting. I am so glad I finally made it over here, thanks to Debi...


Welcome back.


Great post. Enjoy the visit and renewal at the beach. I am hoping to meet Relyn this visit. Would love to meet you too.


beautiful words. two beautiful people. love you.


What a joy to have met Relyn who sounds just as amazing and kindhearted as you my tweety bird. I hope one day to meet Relyn and you and that dutchbaby. This medium has lead to amazing friendships.


Has it really been a year? It is such a shame that we did not get to reprise that glorious week. Next year for certain!

I love how you are able to express your heart and soul through your words and photos. That Relyn is a pretty wise one - and so are you.



A long newsy note coming soon in response to yours, which arrived while I was at the lake. I'm just the slightest bit envious of the fun you and Relyn will have together! I so enjoy both your blogs so you must say hello! You will indeed have a glorious time!

I for one am delighted you are posting and was glad to hear from you so I didn't worry too much. Interesting how that happens in this community, isn't it? And glad Zippy is going strong!

Hugs to you and looking forward to more!

Glenda Goins

Always love your photos, today touched by your words. At 46ish and after years of many challenges, I feel there is hope today that I might find friendship myself. Have a wonderful time!


I love your testament to friendship and love. So beautiful!! :)


Blessed by your words and your photos! Friendship like that is an amazing, wonderful thing... enjoy your time together.


Oh Robin I'm so glad you're back! I was so missing your breathtaking photos!!! Glad to also hear you were away to renew your spirit. I especially love this line of your post, Just us, the beach, our cameras, our history, our love for reading, writing, our daughters, each other and life. I'm so envious but ONLY in a good way!!! Glad to see you're back, I was getting worried.


Sounds like an amazing connection you two have. Always a surprise to find such like-minded souls here on the web.


First of all, why are we all suddenly geting comments from lawyers blogs that sound like they're actually reading stuff? :)

Second, I am SO happy y'all are getting together again and can't wait to hear & see the goodies I know you will share. And I remember that comment.

Have fun and give Relyn a hug from me.


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