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January 08, 2011


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Funky Junk Sisters

So glad to see you back!!! We've been waiting, but we know life happens...

Linda & Dixie


I, too, have been MIA from so many things in the past year. I am looking forward to a new year. With all that said, I am so very excited for you! Congrats on every little thing. xo


I am off to the bookstore tomorrow...what a perfect rainy day Sunday thing to do. I can't wait to see!


Oh, Robin, I've missed you so very much -- have often been concerned or afraid life hasn't been treating you well for whatever reason. Hoping it was just lots of other diversions. It's wonderful to have you back -- and with such terrific news! Congratulations on that.

And your portraits of Kylie are just stunning.


I havent been here in ages. I thought of you today and wondered if maybe there was a new post. I was rewarded with this beautiful image. Congratulations (once again) my friend. Xo


Beautiful photo, it certainly has our dark winter feel to it...
congtats to Sumerset for recognizing your talent!


Congratulations, Robin! That's awesome news. Your photographs and written pieces are always a pleasure to see and read. I'm glad that you have a series of articles. Hurray for you! I'm going to look for this new issue of Somerset Life this weekend.

Susan Tuttle

so nice to have you back -- i have missed your inspiring posts my friend.

that quote has something missing -- the word "men" is missing the "wo" at the beginning.



Congratulations Robin bird!
Will look for your article!
Happy Healthy Prosperous and Creative


so good to see you posting once again and congratulation
Love you


Very exciting, Robin! I will run and get my copy!! Congratulations! xxoo

sherry french

Congratulations...I found your blog by sitting at Borders yesterday reading through Somerset Magazine...I loved it...that must feel so good..




Lovely photo...such beautiful texture and serenity. I noticed a new logo there too. ;)

Joy Bayer

So lovely, would write more but I MUST head out to Borders for my copy!

Rochelle Gaukel

Welcome back Robin....I've missed reading your posts. And, I can't wait to go out and get my issue of Somerset Life so I can read your feature. Maybe we'll see you at fall art camp again??
xo Rochelle


Welcome back. Such beauty.


Joe and Jermonne

Can't wait to see your article as well as Isabel's feature too. Julie most certainly has one of the most beautiful gardens ever. We are sure you captured its essence and much more.

Congratulations! J&J

Florence Muma

I was so excited when I saw your article and photos in the current issue of Sommerset, such beauty, thank you for sharing your talent. Missed you. Hugs Florence

spread your wings

congratulations. i must go by the issue tomorrow. how exciting to be published but you of all people deserve it. and oh my goodness this song playing is awesome - the lyrics strike me

Happy New Year!!


Congratulations! Beautiful photo. Misses seeing you here.


Hey Robin,
Your beautiful photography and stories have been missed - welcome back!

Isabel ~ Maison Douce

Thank you so much, Robin, nothing made me happier than to see you featured in the same magazine I was... You amaze me! Reading your stories is like entering a dream, you are so eloquent and poetic...!!!! By the way, I missed your posts, I am so glad you are back! Miss you!


Congratulations! I am so excited for you, of course. And very happy to see you here again. I've missed you. Here and in my life. I love you.


Congratulation for being published in the magazine!


Oh so happy to see you here again!

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