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January 19, 2011


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So cute! Great page. Miss you.


Love it! The music adds another perfect layer.
Love you too... Laurie


Oh my, how sweet is she??? I adore her little stamping foot. Lucky you to have this cutie in your life, Robin.


Can you hear my squeal from there???

spread your wings

oh wow Olivia is growing up so fast. i know she brings you so much joy. so cute
p.s. it sure was a nice surprise to have your visit the other day. thank you.



I found your blog through the latest issue of "Somerset Life". I loved your photographs, I literally gasped when I saw them in the magazine. So pretty! The little girl in your video is so darling! I used to dance ballet when I was that age. Brings back memories! and the song that is playing is so magical :)


Absolutely fantastic-- really well done. Olivia is so darling.
Love and Hug's


Wonderful! So nice to see you are posting again! Love and hugs. xoxo


Thoroughly enchanting, both in dance and music. xo


I love you
I love all you share
so good to see you posting again.
Tu tu nice for words

Love Jeanne

Florence Muma

This must be your beautiful granddaughter? Am I correct. Miss you. Hugs Florence


now that is true authentic living at it's finest! For life was meant to be a dance of joyful creation.

D Smith Kaich Jones

it seems not quite fair that she's growing so fast, though i know the joy & fun she brings. :) pink ballerinas. you are also dancing. xoxox


Enchanting! Your little Olivia is indeed magical!

Tiffany ~ The Fancy Farmgirl

it just keeps getting better and better, I adore this, and not just because olivia is in it!
Can't wait for our adventure next week!
xoxo, Tiffany

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