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January 26, 2011


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Soooooooooo cute! It was nice to meet you at Joy's last weekend! (I seriously don't usually go out looking like that)! :)



Squealing with delight here. Can you hear me?


what a cutie...

thinking of you. hope you are well. one love


I'm waiting for her to swing on the lamp post! What a sweetheart! Wish I was close enough to Oregon to visit the Queen of Tarte!


What have you done with Olivia the baby???? Who is this little girl????? Has it been this long?

Cindy Travis

Robin I love your photos. This is a great website. I am passing it on to Jenny. My fav was the one with you and the comment about grandkids. Now I will have to get to Oregon.


How adorable is that? I can't wait to see photos or video from the first recital! And I want to just up and move in the new Tarte location. It looks like such a magical place and I just know it is filled to the brim with amazing things that would make fabulous photography props!



I remember when I was little, taking ballet, and I could hear the tap classes down the hall...I don't know how many times I asked my mom when I could take the class with the loud shiny shoes. They looked like so much fun!

D Smith Kaich Jones

!!!!! one of these days . . .


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