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February 18, 2011


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I can only imagine what a blast you had with these ladies!

I hope you had a great visit in Chicago with your beautiful grandchildren. I will look for you on Facebook. xoox


Just saw your new Somerset Life article. Good for you -- lovely photos and words as always. But how I miss your blog!

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Nice picture and great work, you disappeared for a while, we wait some good news from you soon.


fabulous shoot indeed, looking very good and tarty!


I miss you. I miss you here in this space and in our friendship. Love you.

Joe and Jermonne


We can't tell you how CRAZY-HOT the pix from this photo shoot are to us. AWESOME!!! WE LOVE THEM and can't wait to see more.


It was good to see you today. I was chatting so much with others that I didn't get to visit with you! Next time


Hi! Sat down this evening to pay the bills and instead spent some time trying to find your Somerset Life issue. Since I've had no luck at all in the stores, I thought I'd try ordering online...of course they are showing a different cover so now I'm really confused. Since I was thinking Robin, I popped over here to the blog and found the My Best Photo section up on the top. I don't remember seeing that before and I certainly love it! I know I have said this many times before, but you are just amazing. Each and every image is soooo beautiful. It felt like a trip right down memory lane going through your images. Each one I opened brought back some memory of the two of us, or some photo discussion we have had or sweet sweet Olivia. What fun!!!! I've been thinking about ordering the 105mm 2.8 all week...after my visit to your "Bests" I think I might just put that order in tonight! I'm inspired!

My sister just told me about another store that might have some of the magazine in stock...keep your fingers crossed. If you can figure out where I should be looking on the Somerset Life/Stampington site for your issue, please send me a link.

Miss You!

Carol Robinson

Hello Robin, so lovely to meet you at Auntie Joy's shop on Saturday. When Joy introduced us I was blanked out on who you were. When I got home I saw your amazing photographs and had to tell you how much pleasure your work has given me. Wonderful to meet you talented lady. Best wishes and hope to see you again at one of the shows, Carol Robinson


Have fun with your Rachael and Olivia, Robin Bird!
Thinking of you and can't wait to see photos of your adventure!

Great Tarte photo!!



Hi love. It is our mom's 92nd birthday and we are honoring her today with birthday wishes on souersdujour. Would you pop over and say hi, she loves our friends so much. Thanks xo k


These are just GREAT!!!! So nice to have you back!


My friend -- I picked up a Somerset the other day -- you are again famous with a wonderful article about beloved Avalon! What a treat -- a huge smile came over my face as I told the person next to me at the mag stand, "I know her!"


What a fun photo of the Tarte Girls. I love it. Have a great trip.


have lots of fun with those two grandie kids. i see that olivia has the same grace and charm as her grandmother, not to mention the dancing!! xo


Still! Still she has the best shoes ever!

Love you.

Miss you.

So glad you are on FaceBook.


It seems that it had to be real fun to shoot this photo!

Joy Bayer

Love the pictures, looking forward to hearing about the babies!
Love you,


can't wait to hear all about the grandbabies and I LOVE the tarte girl photos. I bet you had so much fun shooting with them. ;)


Fabulous work!


Happy trails -- what a grand time you will have! So glad you are on FB now! If you have other questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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