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June 12, 2011


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Hope all is well in your world today. Fabulous photograph above, birdtweets. Will you be getting yourself a tatoo? Your blog looks nice. Mine needs a facelift, a tattoo, something!!!



Wow, love his tatoos. If I ever had a tatoo done, I think I would have an image of the Tree of Life.


I'd have to think and think to give you my "for sure" answer. But, I have always dreamt of a tattoo on the top of my right foot. One that looks like henna painting, but is in all black.

Or, maybe a gorgeous, rich green dragon, the color of emeralds, with sapphire eyes. She would writhe up the back of my neck and disappear just behind my ear.


I've never thought about that before -- it deserves far more thought than a quick comment!


Where would you place this tattoo?

Joe and Jermonne

I love this post!


in real life, being a bit anxious about commitment & entrapment, nothing. never, ever. my fantasy art girl, however, would like a tattoo of the state of texas - a small one - at the top of her right arm. don't tell anyone.

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