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July 20, 2011


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Can't wait to read it. Your last comment on my blog still has me glowing - more than a week later. I love you, my friend.


Robin, you've always had a strong sense of style, but you are now pushing it into the outer edges of creativity. The colors in this collage and the dreamy quality of the composition are uniquely yours! It's been fun to see your journey here.


You've captured my attention! I'll definitely check out your latest article, Robin. Way to go on getting published again! You're on a terrific, creative roll. I'm happy for you. :) AND this photograph is wonderful, magical, poetic, dreamlike...


Your attention to detail amplifies the mood,theme and grace of this post.


!!!! i am loving this with all my heart. i could eat it right up. amazing!

Diane - Daily Walks

Robin, your talent continues to blow me away. Incredible work lately! (and this is not to say that your previous photography isn't just as inspiring). I love your sense of imagination and creativity.


Amazing! Wow! Beautiful work, Robin!

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