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April 07, 2012


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Day 336 Dr. Bird Returns
Enjoyed reading this. Effectively stated and with wonderful timing. Thanks for the great post.

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Oh, girlfriend, It was SO good to hear your voice again!


Too very funny! Not sure which I am. Good to see you here!

Isabel Augusto

:) You made me laugh. I have recently returned to the blog world and I too have gone through some posts on my old blog and thought that even though the inner spirit is the same, the girl has evolved...and that is how it should be. Like I was writing today: my new action sentence is "Why not?" Tomorrow is to late to do what we can try today ;)
We should be in constant movement towards our authentic selves and to be all we have the potential to be, right?
So, KUDOS to your hip-chick-heels-and-short-skirts, Robin!!


I've been so screwed up since you closed shop.


PS LOVE you, Doc!


Wait, was it 9?
Did Lucy get a tat while you were updating your wardrobe?
Wait. Press 9?

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